5 Bunches 3 Ways


In the world of wholesale, flowers are sold in bunches. We wanted to create a blog showcasing the many, different iterations possible with the same few bunches of blooms. It ended up being so fun! We grabbed bunches of white Cremons, burgundy Snapdragons, pink Lisianthus, peach Carnations, and red Hypericum Berries. We grabbed some greens and started creating. The only rules were that 1.) we had to stay within the selected bunches and 2.) we had to use different vases.



When you buy a bunch or two, or three or four or five, there are endless options as to how you can display them, combine them, or design them. If you want a different look for each room in your house, you can do so! If you want to create arrangements for several different friends and you want them to be unique from one another, you can do so! The options are endless. We have bunches of flowers available in our Customer Cooler weekly, with current availability ever-changing. If you want to place an order ahead of time for specific blooms in specific colors, we can help arrange that, too! We can’t wait to serve you and work together.


– Lilly Reynolds, Visual Artist 

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