Booking a Venue – 10 Questions to Ask

So, you’re engaged. That’s great news! I bet you’re asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Well, after hiring a wedding planner, it’s time to think venues. You need to ask yourself a few questions before selecting your venue. Keep reading below for some wedding education on how to go about booking a venue, and what all needs to be considered.

How far out should I book my wedding venue?

It depends on your location. For example, here in Nashville, I recommend selecting your venue, at minimum, one year out. There are even some venues in Nashville that book up as far as two years out! With Nashville being both a local and a destination market, it is best to reserve your venue tour early.

10 Important Questions

What questions should I ask during my venue tour?


Before you tour a venue, you should A.) Have a solid guest count in mind so you can confirm the venue will accommodate your event and B.) Have a wedding budget broken down by expenses.

Then you will want to follow up with these questions when you tour a venue. In this case, the questions address both the wedding ceremony and the reception:

1.    Are there any other events that will be going on the same day as my wedding?

2.    What all is included in your wedding package? (tables, chairs, linens)

3.    Are there any rooms included? For example, is there a bridal suite or groomsman quarters on site?

4.    Is there an outdoor area included?

5.    What time can we have access to the venue for decorating?

6.    Do you have an open vendor policy or is there a list of vendors we are required to choose from?

7.    Will you provide any staff onsite for the day of?

8.    Does the venue have a license to serve alcohol?

9.    Can we bring in a band or a DJ?

10.  Do you require a dance floor?

 These questions will get the ball rolling when it comes to what to ask on your venue tour. As always, if you are planning and need some assistance, you can reach out to us at

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